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Passport Information

LAC offers an easy, online questionnaire for you to complete at your convenience. When you use One Medical Passport online, you help us reduce long phone interviews and handwritten forms. Please complete your pre-registration information and medical history at least 1 week before your scheduled procedure date.

The information you enter is protected by the most secure encryption technology available and is only accessible by the healthcare providers you designate. The Passport is yours to keep. It can be updated and printed to share with others whenever you would like. If you are not able to complete your history online, our pre-op nurse will contact you to complete your history over the phone.

A nurse will call you to review your pre-registration information, medical history, and pre-operative instructions approximately 1-2 business days before your procedure date. If you have not received a phone call by 2:00pm on the day before your surgery, please call us at 843-556-2545.

During and After Care Arrangements

All procedures require a responsible adult to remain at the Center during your care, to drive you home, and to stay with you for 24 hours after the procedure. Please make appropriate arrangements for this in advance.

One Medical Passport online